Fourth Grade Learns How to Create Quizzes In Google Forms

Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Williamson, and Mrs. Keller in fourth-grade at Blackland Prairie wanted their students to be able to create quizzes reflecting the learning that was going on in the classrooms. They recognize that if students can create questions, the students have to understand the information at a deeper level than just answering questions. Google Forms was a natural choice to develop quizzes, and all three were eager to have their students learn this new tool. Mrs. Rollans, the Instructional Technology Specialist, came in and taught the students how to create a form then turn it into a quiz. The students discussed what types of questions would be useful in a quiz and quickly realized that creating high-quality questions was difficult. All of the students realized that while it was frustrating learning a new skill, the enjoyment when they finished the project was worth it. We can’t wait to see the quizzes these fourth-graders make in the future.