Ms. Eskridge’s Third Graders Dig Into Google Sheets

Ms. Eskridge’s third graders at Blackland Prairie worked with Mrs. Rollans to learn all about using Google Sheets. They created arrays using the paint bucket tool. The favorite activity was learning how to create graphs in Google Sheets. The students started practicing with how many girls and boys were in class and were amazed that the graphs changed dynamically when the data changed. Soon, the students graphed the different types of lunch choices made and branched out to survey their classmates and create graphs based on that data. They created graphs on surveys such as “Do you like cats or dogs?”, “Black or White?”, and “Would you rather be a girl, boy, or Yoshi?” The students had fun exploring the different types of graphs such as pie charts and bar charts that Sheets suggested.  The best part was seeing the students getting excited about graphing and data. Ms. Eskridge and Mrs. Rollans see many more interesting surveys coming in the next few weeks.