Second Grade Goes Into the Discovery Dome

Mrs. Rollans and Mrs. Inzana led second grade through an adventure in the Discovery Dome. Second grade learned about Harriet Tubman and how songs helped slaves escape from slavery by teaching them how to find the north star using the Big Dipper. We also explored our solar system a bit. Check out just a few of the things Mrs. Neal’s students learned!

What we learned at the Discovery Dome

By Mrs. Neal’s Class

We learned how Harriet Tubman’s Underground Railroad used the North Star, Polaris, to guide slaves north.

The North Star is part of the little dipper constellation.

Pluto has one moon, Charon, that is about the same size as Pluto.

The sun had some dark spots that we learned are the hottest spots and are storms.

Mars has two moons and is cold with a thin atmosphere.

Jupiter is the large red planet that has a storm.  We found out the storm is slowly disappearing and will fade away in about 20 years.

We love using the Discovery Dome to be able to see the constellations and how they influenced culture.