Every Kid Learns about Computer Programming This Week

Blackland Prairie is hosting week one of two of #HourOfCode. This week we are focusing on unplugged activities where students learn a computer skill without touching a computer. Check out some of the amazing things our kids are doing:

  • Kindergarten learned that a program is just a set of instructions that any computer follows to achieve a specific result. They turned each other into robots and programmed the robot to follow a set of directions.
  • First Grade learned that loops are a great way to write code that is going to be repeated over and over. They created a dance that loops and then taught each other the dance.
  • Second Grade learned that computers have to be programmed to understand English. They learned that every letter on the keyboard is translated into binary code and that binary code is represented with just two types of information. After that, they created binary bracelets with their initials using pipe cleaners and beads.
  • Third Grade learned about algorithms (a set of instructions given to a computer to achieve a specific outcome) using super heroes who are trying to find treasure.
  • Fourth Grade learned about sequencing using cups to code a specific picture. Did you know that if you program the cups in the wrong order, they will knock down the previous cup “code!”
  • Fifth grade combined everything they have learned from previous years to “Break Out of the Code” and find the treasure. Figuring out the locks was half the fun.