Second Grade Meets New People In Canada

Mrs. Neal’s second grade students at Blackland Prairie connected with a class of second and third grade students at Larkspur Public School in Ontario, Canada using Google Hangouts. Mrs. Rollans and Mrs. Neal facilitated the hour long exchange. The second grade students researched Canada before the meeting and came up with five important questions they wanted to learn the answers to.  Mrs. Lyon’s class also asked five questions. We learned that there are many differences between where we live, for example, we learned that they go out to recess unless it’s -20 degrees Celsius and they have to wear snow pants. We also learned that it often snows and they will have snow days. The students loved learning how similar they are too though. Both classes like Dairy Queen, Fortnight, and the Avengers. We can’t wait to have another Hangout and find out even more about them.