Technology Happenings in October

October was a great month for technology integration at Blackland Prairie! All of our computers were upgraded to Windows 10. Teachers were trained on a new program called BrightBytes that will help them make sense of out various sources of data so they can better serve their students. Our librarian presented a session on using Digital Breakouts to make learning more engaging.

Our students also did some amazing things. A small group of fourth graders learned how to use the 3d printer and designed objects that represented different regions of Texas. Selected third graders created movies using a green screen app called “DoInk.” They had to write their script, create the puppets, and the film their movie before finishing it in IMovie. Our second graders all created a science dictionary in Google Slides that they will continue adding to throughout the year. They explored Google Explore to find layout for their information that enhanced their definitions. Finally, our first group of fourth grade after school coding club completed with a great Parent Expo.

We are only a quarter of the way through this year and we are making Greatness Happen here on the Prairie.