Discovery Dome Comes to Blackland Prairie Elementary!

The Discovery Dome, an inflatable planetarium came to Blackland Prairie Elementary this week. All of our students, from Pre-Kinder through Fifth Grade were able to come in and experience an amazing lesson! Kindergarten and first grade learned about objects in the sky and patterns they can observe. Second grade learned about how slaves used the song “Follow the Drinking Gourd” to find their way to the north using the north star. They also looked at how the moon appears to change shape throughout the month and the patterns they saw. Third grade was introduced to the planets, a great introduction to their current science lessons. Fourth grade finished up their weather unit by learning about extreme weather and fifth grade explored some traditional literature as we toured the constellations in the night sky.

The students agreed the only bad thing about the Discovery Dome was that we only have it for one week.

It was an amazing experience that Mrs. Rollans and Mrs. Inzana were glad to give to our students. The whole week reinforced the concept that science is amazing!