Artic Adventures with Kindergarten and Second Grade

Mrs. Neal’s second graders and Mrs. Cortez’s and Ms. Garcia’s kindergarten students are going to be able to work with a group of scientists doing research in the Artic Ocean. This week, two of the scientists came in and gave a presentation about underwater acoustics and how it can be used for research. According to the scientists,

We are part of a group conducting a large-scale experiment in the Arctic Ocean. As part of our work for this project, we will spend a month aboard the USCGC Healy ( in parts of the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas. My group will blog about our experiences, and we are happy to interact with your students.

The students will be able to interact with the scientists using their blog. This is a wonderful chance for the students to experience science in a real time way. We are so excited about this opportunity!