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W.S.  "Chip"  Riggins,  Jr.,  MD,  MPH
Executive  Director  and  Health  Authority,  Williamson  County  &  Cities  Health  District

Take Action  to  Fight  the  Flu  and  Stay  Healthy
Here  at  the  Williamson  County  and  Cities  Health  District,  we  take  flu  very  seriously.    It  is  a  virus  that  infects  thousands  of  our  county  residents  each  year.    Last  year,  we  saw  a  peak  in  flu  cases  at  the  end  of  December  while  the  holidays  were  still  in  progress.   

While  we  cannot  predict  when  flu  will  hit  this  year,  we  want  to  ensure  that  all  of  our  residents  are  prepared  early  and  protected  from  the  flu.    The  best  protection  for  children,  ages  6  months  and  up,  and  adults  is  to  get  a  flu  vaccine.    October  is  the  best  
time  of  year  to  get  a  flu  vaccine  and  getting  immunized  every  year  gives  you  the  best  protection  from  the  flu.    This  is  especially  important  if  you  are  pregnant  or  if  you  or  your  loved  ones  have  respiratory  problems  like  asthma  or  chronic  lung  disease.    There  are  a  couple  of  options  to  get  vaccinated.    For  children,  the  nasal  spray  is  recommended  for  ages  2  to  8  years  old.    Flu  shots  are  also  recommended  for  older  children  and  adults.   

Take  time  to  inquire  which flu  vaccine  options  are  best  for  you  and  your  
family.    The  other  measures  to  prevent  the  flu  are  pretty  simple.  Try  to  avoid  close  contact  with  sick  people  and  wash  your  hands  regularly  or  use  hand  sanitizer.    Getting  vaccinated  and  using  caution  during  the  flu  season  can  reduce  flu  illnesses,  doctors’  visits,  and  missed  work  and  school  due  to  flu,  as well  as  prevent  flu-related  hospitalizations  and  deaths.    Collective  action  to  protect  ourselves  during  the  
flu  season  will  keep  Williamson  County  one of  the  healthiest  counties  in  Texas.

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Atomic Learning allows families, staff access to technology applications

Atomic Learning provides students, staff and parents 24/7 access to a wide variety of technology applications such as Microsoft Office Suite, Google apps and Adobe products and workshops on topics such as blogging and applying 21st century skills in the classroom.  Students and families can access these programs at home by going to the Atomic Learning website.  Be on the lookout for access codes in the coming weeks!

Red Ribbon Week is coming!

Let's celebrate October 27th-31st
Monday--Wear Red--Supers Heroes have the power to say NO to drugs!
Tuesday--Don't get caught in a WEB of drugs!
Wednesday--Super Heroes stick to a plan!
Thursday--Wear Green--Super Heroes make health choices and go green!
Friday--Wear a super hero shirt--Super Heroes all around!

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