Technology At Blackland Prairie

Blackland Prairie. Our kindergarten and first-grade students are learning how to use technology, while our third, fourth, and fifth-grade students are starting to use technology to learn. Our fourth graders started using digital journals, while our third graders learned how to create graphs in Google Sheets. One group of fourth graders learned to use Google Keep to take notes, and Mrs. Rollans will continue working with them.

Two standout lessons involved our kindergarten and first-grade students. Mrs. Arelis’ kindergarteners learned how to use Google Docs to write their names. They explored not only the keyboard (those letters can be HARD to find!), but they explored many of the text features in Google Docs. Our first-grade students are studying weather. They recorded themselves giving a weather report and used Google Slides to write about relevant vocabulary.

September was an excellent month for technology use at the Prairie and we can’t wait to show all the surprising things we will accomplish this month.