Hour of Code finishes with a bang!

Our second week of plugged activities was a huge success at Blackland Prairie. Every student was able to participate in an online coding activity.

  • Kindergarten got to play using Code and Go robot mice and Code-a-Pillar coding robots. They learned that robots aren’t very smart and we have to tell them exactly what to do.
  • First grade was able to expand on their knowledge of robots by using the Code and Go robot mice and Dash robots. It was great seeing the first graders try and fail to make the robots do what they wanted and then continue to try until they were successful.
  • Second grade learned about coding using Scratch Jr on ipads. They created amazing programs after just five minutes of explanations. They made the sprites move, talk to each other, and interact with each other.
  • Third and fourth grade explored the Hour of Code website and created a game using the Grinch program.
  • Fifth grade explored Lightbots on the Ipads and had fun being frustrated at first learning about procedures then being excited once they figured it out.

Mrs. Inzana and Mrs. Rollans had a great time working with all the students and look forward to continuing to teach about technology in the coming semester.