Fifth Grade Is Using Seesaw to Enhance Thinking and Communication

Ms. Nemunaitis and Mrs. Martin’s fifth grade students started using Seesaw, an online digital portfolio site, this week. The students are able to post pictures then deepen their understanding of concepts by recording their thoughts, adding labels to certain areas, and adding captions to capture their thinking. Students are also able to record videos using the safe site where only the teacher and other students can view the work. Mrs. Martin and Ms. Nemunaitis have to approve all the posts, ensuring they are high quality posts.

The best part is that the other students are then able to comment on others’ work. Both teachers are working with their students to learn to give high quality feedback which enhances learning. Students are able to ask questions to delve into others’ thinking.

This is a great way to focus on communication and critical thinking in students. We are so proud of Mrs. Martin and Ms. Nemunaitis’ classes for taking this risk and using Seesaw. Way to go, fifth grade!